Top 5 Kix With Steve Whiteman – EP069

We love Kix,  so we pick our Top 5 Kix tunes to share. We also love Kix Lead Singer Steve Whiteman and when we had the opportunity to catch up with Steve to discuss the 30th anniversary of the Kix classic album Blow My Fuse we jumped on it.

Kix are for kids, but Kix Rock n Roll is for everyone whose ever cranked up the car stereo to 11 and rolled down the windows while rolling down the highway on a sunny day.

It was tough to pick our top 5 Kix tunes, but like all other top 5 episodes we ever decide to do, we take the coward way out and commit to our top 5 at that particular moment, because damn, we love Kix and our favorites change at any given moment.

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2 thoughts on “Top 5 Kix With Steve Whiteman – EP069

  1. Kix…really!??! These guys are B level at best . A dime dozen hair metal band from the 80′ s . Did not know they had a top 5. Nothing memorable , sustainable( like a lot of those bands) etc…. . Did not know they even existed any more. You guys must be desperate for material. Growing up Rock has done much better than this. Come on guys!!! Sorry , I love hard rock and metal but by the time the mid 80’s came along , for the most part, that genre jumped the shark except for a few exceptions.

    1. Hey, We appreciate and respect your opinion, but we happen to LOVE Kix, so yes to us they have a TOP 5. Kix is still going strong and playing shows every year. We are NEVER desperate for material I assure you, but we do cover hard rock and metal we and many others seem to enjoy including great rock that even came out long after the mid-80’s. You said you love rock and metal. Who do you like and listen to? Hopefully we cover some of the bands you like. Thanks for checking us out.

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