Tesla’s Frank Hannon – EP092

Episode Description:

Steven speaks with Tesla guitarist Frank Hannon about some of his earliest musical memories and the band’s newest album release “Shock.” We go album-by-album to discuss what Frank’s thoughts were at the time of recording. Because we are such huge Tesla fans, as an added bonus we thought why not throw in our top 5 Tesla tunes to rock along the way.

What’s The Story:

Tesla is an American rock band formed in Sacramento, California in late 1981 by bassist Brian Wheat and guitarist Frank Hannon as Earthshaker, and later City Kidd. Lead vocalist Jeff Keith, drummer Troy Luccketta, and guitarist Tommy Skeoch joined them by 1984. By 1986, the band had changed from its glam-derived sound to a ‘rootsier’ direction under a new name: “Tesla.” The band disbanded in 1996 with members devoting themselves to solo projects before re-forming in 2000. Tommy Skeoch departed the band in 2006 and was replaced by Dave Rude. Tesla have sold 14 million albums in the United States.

I heard the first single “Modern Day Cowboy from the band’s debut album upon its release and was hooked. When I saw the band
in a small club in Atlanta on that very first tour for the debut album, I loved everything about the bands no-frills approach to rock n roll and I never looked back. Over the years, I have seen the band countless times and purchased all the band’s releases of original material. This band is rock n roll done right; from its heavy driven rockers to its meaningful ballads. Love This Band!!

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4 thoughts on “Tesla’s Frank Hannon – EP092

  1. i was lucky enuff to see Tesla in Nashville this year I fell in love with them. I love Jeffs voice and Frank on them guitars got me wanting to learn to play. I would love ro see them again and get the chance to
    meet them. I just wanna say Thanks Tesla u ROCK

    1. Thanks for listening. Tesla at the Ryman. What a great venue to see them in. Follow your heart and go learn to play guitar. I don’t have the talent or patience but wish I did. Tesla does ROCK!!

  2. Great interview and list of songs. Have been a longtime Tesla Fan, first discovering them with Modern Day Cowboy and Little Suzie so many years ago. What I think I liked most about this were the use of so many of the newer songs… I am not sure how in touch the fans are with these albums. And I must be one of those seven fans; Break of Dawn. Honestly I think that my favorite album is “Into the Now”, and wish they would play the entire album live. Thanks for bringing a bunch of songs to light that only us deep Tesla Fans would know.

    Funny side story. I am 13 years older than my wife. She didn’t even know who they were until we got married and of course used What You Got as first dance. Two months later Tesla came within two hours of us.. so I bought tickets for the two of us. I then burned all their music, everything, including Simplicity, to a single DVD to put in her car. She drove around for next two months listening to be ready for the show. She had no idea which album was their first or their last. She now is a HUGE Tesla fan, and always wonders why they leave to many songs out of their show from the later albums. She doesn’t have the context that the older fans know the first three albums best. I love this woman!

    1. Eric – Thanks for listening and yes, we love the deeper cuts. Thanks for sharing your story.Awesome – Your wife sounds like a keeper. I also played What You Give at our wedding. It was not our first dance but a dance we did take. Feel free to connect with us on our Facebook Page right here: https://www.facebook.com/growinuprock/

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