Our Best Of 2018 Part 2 – EP081

The end of the year is here and it’s time to share our best of 2018 list. Hopefully you checked out part 1 of our list and now we move on to part 2 which get’s into our top 5 best of 2018.

Steven and Hollywood get into the mainstream and not so mainstream for their picks.

Our “Best Of” may not be your “Best Of”, but even though we may not always agree, we are positive if you are a fan of hard and heavy rock music, you will find something in this show you enjoy.

2018 proved one thing, rock is far from being dead. The year saw an amazing amount of  rock n roll albums released in 2018. We saw new music coming from artist like Greta Van Fleet, Judas Priest, Halestorm, Stryper, Enuff Z’ Nuff,  The Struts, Slash, Ace Frehley, The Dead Daisies, just to name a few.

Sonny and Steven discuss some of the great music released, and some of the Not so great music released in 2018, along with some of their favorite, podcast, movies, concerts, and tv shows.

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Sunstorm, Koritni, Lords of the Black,  U.D.O, Nordic Union, Amorettes, Striker,  Dream Child, Roxanne, Gus G, Thunder Mother, Amaranthe, Crying Steel, Ammunition, Voodoo Circle, Animal Drive, Halestorm, The Dead Daisies, Greta Van Fleet, Phil Campbell & The Bastard Sons, Ace Frehley, Ghost, TNT, Diemonds

4 thoughts on “Our Best Of 2018 Part 2 – EP081

  1. I would suggest no more 2 parters. I’d rather have 1 long episode and listen at my leisure vs having to access or remember what happened in part 1.

  2. Did someone really leave feedback that Steven has a sultry voice? If that’s true, then Hollywood’s voice must be comparable to a gorilla??!! I agree with the comment that The Dead Daisies are NOT well known. They deserved to be on the list that Sonny had them on.

    1. Yes, someone made the comment Steven has a southern sultry voice. We prefer to think of it as stuffed up but friendly. LOL Hollywood will always be Hollywood and we love him. No one said The Dead Daisies we well know, Steven simply said that all the members were well known in the rock community and they were on their 4th album, so they were a bit mainstream for this particular show. That was all. No matter we LOVE The Daisies, so it’s a WIN WIN!!

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