Kiss Expo Konfessionals Bonus

The 2018 Atlanta Kiss Expo is over now, and what a glorious time we had. Catching up with old friends and making a whole lot of new ones. Growin’ Up Rock was there for every moment of this Rock N Roll congregation coming together to “Shout It Out Loud” at the top of their lungs”They Love Kiss” and they will not apologize for “Rock N Rolling Everyday and Partying Every Night.”

Find out what happened when you got 900 to 1000 Kiss Fanatics in a hotel ballroom waiting to catch a glimpse of the reclusive Vinnie Vincent, shopping for cool Kiss related stuff, and sharing stories while laughing the whole time. We wanted reactions to the Expo atmosphere and we got them. We set up shop for the weekend just so we could talk to fans, fellow podcasters, and a few guest surprises along the way.

Everyone had a Rock n Roll story to share with Growin’ Up Rock on how they found Kiss and how it affected their lives. What songs and albums they prefer, and how it feels when we ask them to choose their favorite Kiss Song / Album, comparing it often to choosing their favorite child.

The Expo included Bob Kulick, Eddie Trunk, Robert Fleischman, Big John Harte, and the headlining name on the marquee, Vinnie Vincent. The return of the Ankh Warrior  after more than 20 years out of the public eye.

In this bonus episode / preview,  you will get a taste of what’s to come in the upcoming weeks, as we release a couple of fully loaded episodes including tons of mini interviews and some damn good Kiss and Vinnie Vincent music.

Special Thanks To:

Lance Elias

AAron Camaro

And our 1st Raffle WINNER – Keith Flournoy


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Vinnie Vincent

Bob Kulick

2 thoughts on “Kiss Expo Konfessionals Bonus

    1. Thanks Mark, and thanks for being a special visitor to our table during the Expo. I think your segment ended up in our Part 2 Episode coming next week.

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